Friday, February 5, 2010

Oooh Shinies!

My whole determined progress in leveling can always be interrupted by new shinies! Now, I've said here many a time, that I'm not a raider, so new ICC gear and new Lich King drops isn't going to do it for me, because I'm never going to get any of that stuff. Even emblem gear doesn't really do it for me, because that's only really good for raiding, which I don't do.

But, with the start of Season 8, there's a whole bunch of new PvP gear available, and that I can get! They've also made some higher level PvP gear just a little bit more attainable than it used to be. There are four different pieces of Season 8 Wrathful gear that can be purchased just for honor now - cloaks, necks, rings and bracers.

Wintergrasp also has some nice new gear including some cloaks and shoulders.

You can also get the core Season 7 set (Relentless) just with honor and arena points. If you don't feel like knocking out the 10 arena battles a week to get some points, you can also get arena points now for completing the daily battleground quest. While that sounds great, you only get 25 points for completing the daily, so it would take you more than two weeks to accumulate enough points for a single piece of gear, so might be worth knocking out those 10 arena fights anyway.

So, I'll probably be diving my four existing level 80's back into Wintergrasp on a regular basis in an effort to start accumulating some new shinies for them. Which will of course slow down my leveling.

Oh well. It's just a game, and all about having fun anyway.

It might actually get me to go back to doing the LFD since I can get nice PvP gear with emblems too, but we'll see about that.

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