Friday, December 4, 2009

Why Is He In Our Clubhouse??

So I've got one more faction to go to get the Crusader title on Joar, my main. I've been working on Crusader for two reasons - one because I want the BoA chestpieces for leveling my alts, and I prefer to use heroic badges for gearing up my level 80's. My second reason for wanting the Crusader title is because I just think it's funny on an undead warlock.

I just have visions of all these pretty paladins sitting around sipping their Cabernets when Joar walks into the Crusader Club. People stop and stare. The whispering starts. A few people look uncomfortably in any direction but at me.

"What is he doing in here?"

"Should someone call security?"

"Please god I hope he doesn't touch any of the peanut dishes...I mean..he's rotting for the Light's sake!"

"Does someone have a wipe? I think he just brushed against my tabard."

I'm just going to sit in the club, drink my beer and stare until I make people uncomfortable. Maybe summon my succubus just because she likes to crack her whip and talk a little dirty to people.

I also spent a little bit of time this week working on Loremaster on Joar. Now don't get me wrong, I'm so far from actually getting Loremaster on Joar that no one is even remotely worried about running out of tabards before I get one.

In Outland, I've got 78 quests till to do in Shadowmoon, and 9 still to do in Blade's Edge. Then in Azeroth, I've got 285 still to do in Eastern Kingdoms and 341 to do in Kalimdor. Yes, you read that right. 341. And I'm not even a Death Knight. Add those to the 3 I still need to do in Icecrown and you get a total of 716 to go. If my calculations are correct, that should take me 83 years to complete.

But I knocked out the remaining quests that I needed in Netherstorm and got that achievement. I'll probably knock out a few of the Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms quests in order to finally get Crusader, so we'll see how close I am after that.

Will probably be mostly focused on leveling alts this weekend, but might do a raid or two that my guild has scheduled.

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  1. I'm probably in the same boat as you on the number of quests needed for Loremaster. While I only have 100 needed on each Continent, I still have to knock out most of HFP quests in Outland, and chase down the few remaining BEM quests that are brutally hard to get to. check here for advice if you need it.

    In Northrend, about the only place I've done quests is Sholazar Basin, where I got the achievement. Other than that, I've got all the rest to do!! (lucky me)


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