Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Joar Alliance Army Leveling Updates

So I managed to ding 70 on my paladin last night.  Does anything other than Utgarde Keep ever pop from 68-71?  I'm getting so incredibly tired of that place.  I guess I could just queue for the specific dungeons that I want to avoid the incredible frustration of watching that pop up again and again.

Pushing this one toon toward max has made me realize that I sort of miss the gradual progress of doing a little bit on a whole bunch of toons all at once, so I may bag the pushing one and a time approach, and go back to a little bit of everything.  After all, I really don't particularly need yet another toon at max level come Warlords, so what does it matter, right?

I've also started to execute on the pre-patch 6.0 plans that I laid out in my last post.  All the extra burdens have been used, Justice Points spent (although I did realize I've been using the PvP version of the caster staff, so I may grind out a few more points on one toon to get the regular caster staff).

I've also started spending valor for upgrades on all the toons that have valor sitting on their currency tab.

I've also started to inventory everyone's bank to see what cleaning needs to be done.  Priest, shammy and paladin seem to need the most attention at this point, so we'll get to those.

I've also sent a full set of Timeless Isle gear to my alliance paladin and alliance priest, as those are the only toons likely to hit max level before the expansion hits, so at least they'll have a little bit of a boost once they get there.  The rest are in the process of being sharded or sold.

So we're getting to be in good shape I think.


  1. (this is Nina)

    You really should wait until 6.0 to do the bank cleanup. A whole lot of stuff will end up going into your toybox and the reagent bank, which frees up a surprising amount of space. Also (if you're not already using an auto-sorter for inventory) Blizz is implementing an auto-sorter so it'll be easier to see categories of stuff you have.

  2. Hey Nina! Yeah - I've already got that stuff appropriately tagged and sorted, so it's all ready to go, although you're right - I'm not really all that short on space, particularly once the impact of the 6.0 changes get factored in, so there's probably not much point. It's more about cutting down on that sense of clutter and making it feel like a fresh start.


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