Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Hatred of Gates of Retribution Prompts a Return to Leveling

So before I start with anything else, let me just clarify that while the sheer time required to complete Gates of Retribution has turned me off of raiding quite as extensively as I was, I have by no means given up on it.  I'm still taking 2-3 characters a week through the complete set of available LFR content - currently my warlock, death knight and hunter.  

It also doesn't mean that I've given up on my plans to run all 11 of my Horde toons through to a defeat of Garrosh at some point.  It just means that I'll probably only be doing it once on most of those toons.

Which, assuming the next expansion is coming any time before late next summer, leaves me an enormous amount of time to go back to working on the rest of the alt army - notably the Alliance side of things.

Those alliance toons have really been completely neglected for the last year or so as I've focused on Pandaria on the Horde side, gearing up and raiding on my stable of Horde toons.  

The last update on this blog on the leveling status of my Alliance army was on August 21, 2012, just shortly before the release of MoP, followed by a brief update in September that I had in fact managed to get my Alliance hunter to 85 before MoP released.

So here is where those characters stood on the last update, along with where they are now:

Death Knight - still at 85
Hunter - still at 85
Druid - 36 -> 40
Mage - 35 -> 39
Paladin - 34 -> 40
Priest - 33 -> 39
Rogue - 34 -> 37
Shaman - 34 -> 40
Warlock - still 38
Warrior - 32 -> 39
Monk - new at level 10

I'm really looking forward to the new LFR wing being released later today and hope to have run through it on my warlock by the end of the day.  After that, we'll see if the death knight and hunter get runs all the way through this week as well.

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