Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Unachievable Shoulders

So the only piece of T13 gear that I'm missing on my Death Knight at this point is the shoulders. And I seem to have quite the unlucky streak going with respect to roles on upgrade shoulders of any kind.

At last count, I'm now 0-34 on rolls for either Tier, or other usable raid finder shoulders. So I'm still rocking the good old 353's out of ZG/ZA.

At this point, it's such an amazing streak, that it would almost be a shame to win them. As much as I'd love to switch from the Tier helm to the valor helm, my quest for upgraded shoulders is taking on a futility that is almost Chicago Cub-like at this point.

So I'm going to keep trying until I end up replacing them with a quest green early in MoP. May as well keep the streak alive.

On more positive news, I finally got a second piece of Tier on my warlock, who now has his 2 piece set bonus and as a result will be spending a lot more cuddle time with his Doomguard.

I've also been running stuff now and then on the rogue, because the mechanics of that class seem to work well with my bad internet connection as well. He's only got one piece of Tier at this point though, so he has a way to go from a gearing standpoint.

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