Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Almost There!

So I am about 10 bars away from having my first alliance toon to level 85! That'll bring me to a grand total of 11, and I think the hunter won't be far behind.

It's been somewhat disappointing that essentially after Grizzly Hills, there's been absolutely no difference in content that I've been able to tell between Horde and Alliance. That is, until Twilight Highlands. It almost feels like Blizzard got to the very last portion of Cataclysm and someone said - Oh Shit. We haven't done a thing to differentiate Horde and Alliance this whole expansion. Or half of the last expansion for that matter.

So far, I'm enjoying Twilight Highlands a lot though. Maybe it's because it's probably the last piece of content in the game that I haven't seen at this point, but I've been enjoying it a lot. I was doing a lot of dungeon finder through Deepholm and Uldum, just because there wasn't much to get my juices flowing for the 11th time through those zones. But I've been enjoying the quest sequence through Twilight Highlands a lot.

Should hit 85 either today or tomorrow and then will start working on the Hunter who is parked at an Inn in Hellfire Peninsula. After that, who knows?

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